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    The Ranger



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    The Ranger

    Post by Zulthanas on Thu May 13, 2010 3:28 am

    My future spec/build:

    Hybrid Scout Build

    Ok Figured it was about time I start working out the kinks in my build with me getting close to level 40. So I will go thru my train of thought on my build.

    The Scout:
    First off, when I looked and started playing the scout. I realized that the scout is one of the few classes that can be just about anything it wants to be based on player’s playstyle.

    The Rogue:

    I found this linked and looked over it. While it has a lot of good info on it, to me this build is more of a rogue build than a scout (ranger). While I did not try this build out, first look made me think of the Rogue in World of Warcraft. So I guess If that’s what you want your playstyle to be, you can try this build out. For me thou, it just provided some information for me that about it.

    The Archer:
    No link, as you can ask Dunny and get all the information you need. Maybe he will post some info on the forums about this. Basically in my head, the Archer Scout would focus on killing your target before he gets to you, or weaken him down enough that you can easy kill him up close before he kills you. While this is the typically build among scouts. This just didn’t fit my playstyle. Overall, this is a really good build, as your survivability will be way higher than anything else I can post here.

    The Ranger:
    AHHHH, now this is what I am talking about. See the first link above to see my build. Now I will get into the information about why I go this build.

    First off, Ranger to me is a hybrid, able to do ranger and melee. While stealth isn’t as strong, I basically see no reason to go too far into stealth. Basic ideal is to weaken down the target before he gets to you, and finish him off with melee. There are a lot of good stuff in this build as I will go into more details.

    The Talents:

    Melee Skills:
    • Lunge – Rank 3 – Is the basic melee attack and is requirement for a lot of your abilities. So get it, max it and get use to hitting it during close combat as your talent grid works with it.

    • Recoil – Rank 3 – When you get low on health, this ability will try and stun the target and throw you back X amount of yards. Basically, hit it, bandage and continue the fight. Considering we don’t’ have a lot of defensive skills like the other classes, this is very useful!

    • Scissors – Rank 3 – Just like double shot but it’s close combat/melee. Two attacks, but with one of them granting your target an increase change to dodge. I believe this is offset with your stats (the ability to hit). On top of that, it’s spamable!! So get it, max it. However, I have learned that sometimes, in some situations its best to just hit lunge instead. So play by ear how the fight goes. In normal situations thou, I would spam this till I was out of energy, then use lunge, or I would do Scissors, Scissors, Lunge. Just get use to a pattern of attacks, which as you play you probably come up with your own.

    • Sleight of Hand – Rank 2 – Haven’t gotten this ability yet so not 100% sure on it. However, I am guessing what it does will be take an arrow and jab it into your target. If you have an enchanted arrow it will use it. So that makes it very valuable. I would have liked to maxed this to rank 3, but considering my range abilities would suffer I decided rank 2 is good enough. Plus half the time, I am out of arrows by the time the target gets to me, so Phht. Anyways get it, you will have arrows most of the time. If not it’s an extra attack.

    Range Skills:
    • Steady Shot – Rank 2 - Your basic range attack just like lunge, it sinks with most of your range abilities.

    • Double Shot – Rank 3 - Just like scissors but ranged. I use this the most of all my range skills. So max it.

    • Merciliess Shot – Rank 2 – Great opener, most of the time will do heavy dmg to your target before you get to do anything else. Just has a really long time on it. Sometimes you will even one shot targets!!! I would have LOVED to maxed this to rank 3, but I didn’t have the points so I had to pick and choice.

    Note: Typically, you open with merciliess shot, which takes A LOT of energy (suxs) then just start plugging your target with double shots, energy gets low, throw out a steady shot. Main ideal is to weaken your target down before he gets to you. If you can get the target to 50%, majority of the time, you won.

    The Arrows/Artillery:
    • Incendiary Arrows – Rank 3 -Great skill in any given situation. It’s a DoT (damage over time). Against bosses this will typically be the arrow you use.

    • Heart Breaker Shot – Rank 3 – For everything else there are these. These arrows are just awesome! Main reason – knockdown/stun! However, against most bosses, these are just worthless. Great for trashmobs, horrible against the boss.

    • Tesla Arrow – Rank 1 – haven’t gotten yet, but needed to put 1 point somewheres. These basically work just like Incendiary arrows, but they damage targets surrounding the target. So has a really good chance to be useful. Just like incendiary arrows, these would be used for bosses. I have been told they stack with incendiary arrows so great combo for bosses.

    Note: As I got higher up in level, I started to learn to setup my arrows like so: Incendiary Arrows, 2x Heart Breaker Shot. Do this pattern till your quiver is full. Against bosses, I would chance this to Incendiary arrow, Tesla Arrow, rise and repeat. Heart breaker is great overall. However against most bosses, specially those in dungeons, raid mobs, and heroics, I have been told heart breaker is worthless. So use the other arrows instead.

    The other Skills:
    • Camouflage – Rank 1 – you start with it. Don’t see a reason to go more than 1 point. 1 point is enough for you to use to complete some quest.

    • Caltrops – Rank 1 – GREAT and useful skill however its situational. Most of the time I don’t use it that much. I tend to use it more when I am running away from something. Simple click it, choice a place in front of you while you are running and then run over them. Majority of the time it will knockdown anything following you and give you time to get away. In fights, sometimes I will throw them down in front of me when targets get to close just to give me that extra time to do some range damage. In PvP, great for throwing down in a group when you aren’t getting attacked.

    • Fient – Basically, I got this in the beginning but as I got further into the game the ideal and usefuliness of this ability just went down bad! What this skill does is make you teleport random somewhere around the target, do an attack and give you an increase change to dodge. GREAT ideal horrible mechinics. What I mean by this, is that the ideal of this skill is great, but there are just too many bugs/cons to this skill that I just took it out of my list cause I never use it. First off, your target has to have a weapon, you have to have room to teleport, and your target has to be same level or lower than you. The ability to dodge is only seconds, enough time to do 1 or 2 attacks then you need to hit it again. I found that most of the time, the skill doesn't work, even thou your target is using a weapon, or there is room. It just doesn’t work. If they decided to just make this a teleport and dodge buff with no rescritions, then I can see getting this. But I found it’s annoying dieing tring to figure out why you couldn’t teleport just to get that dodge bonus. Not worth it!

    • Tranquil Arrow – Looks very interesting, love to get it. But then again not a archer/pure range. So I had to pick which arrows I wanted. Considering most of the time, another scout will be in the group and probably be full range. I left this up to him not me to have. I have been told thou, these with other arrows will allow you to kite mobs, which makes them very interesting. If I had more points, I would probably grab these to test it out.

    • Throat Shot – Great looking skill, but it’s a range skill and not something that fit into my playstyle.

    • Flashbomb – I took this, and well yeah decided to get rid of it. It’s not like caltrops that you can throw down while running. Your target has to be in the circle to get blinded. Plus any attack will get rid of the blind. The blind lasts for seconds which wasn’t long enough for me to actually use a bandage. Maybe maxing it to rank 3 would help, but overall I just got rid of it. Found that I use it like 5% of the time, I trashed it for the points to get something more useful.

    Talent Grid:
    Sigh, this is the part I hate. Look over my choices and I will explain why I picked what I did.

    Lunge (20 rubies)
    • Initative – Rank 3 – gives you a 60% change to restore energy when you use Lunge. In melee you need every chance to get energy back!

    • Slaughterhouse – Situational skill. This skill is a 50/50 chance to use. When used with sambo roll thou, it’s great, if you have the energy. Most of the time, I watch the debuffs of my target incase another player knocks down the target then I hit this ability. It gives you 8 attacks, and keeps the knockdown effect on the target the whole time. When its done, the knockdown effect will then start counting down. I find that this is very useful in helping the tank not take as much damage. Considering most bosses can’t be knocked down thou, so yeah. I went ahead and grabbed it thou. It has a 50/50 chance of being useful.

    • Ninjutsu – GREAT! Get it, allows you to attack with melee attacks from any angle. SO sambo roll, slaughterhouse and just keep attacking! Plus lets you keep the melee damage going while you watch your surroundings

    • Sambo Roll – Ok, this skill attempts to knockdown the target, and is ineffective against large targets. First off, BS! I found that it will knockdown most large targets. However, it comes with some cons. First off, just like feint, you have to have the room to use it. I found in some situations I got stuck in walls or other objects, forcing me to recall out. So in close corriders and other very small areas, don’t use it! In open spaces use it. Also the other drawback to this skill, from what I can tell has a little over 50/50 chance of knocking down the target, on top of not knowing if it will. Some targets that are large can be knocked down, but you won’t know till you see the knockdown effect by either this skill or another. So keep an eye out, if the target can be knocked down, then this skill will.

    • Deft Deflection – We have no defensive skills like some of the other classes, so we need as much defense as we can get! Rank 3 – gives you an increased 21% to parry.

    • Accumulated Heat – Bring the pain! Rank 3 gives you a 90% chance to do a DoT (damage of time). Great skill, increases your DPS.

    • Unavoidable Attack – OMG I love this ability. Rank 1 sucks, Rank 2 is awesome, went ahead and grabbed Rank 3. GET IT! Why? Because this will put a debuff, around 6 seconds maybe more, and makes the target not able to parry, avoid, or block any attack after you do a critical hit! Just makes this skill too good to pass up.

    • Nimble Movements – Rank 2 - +10% agility, need it, get it. Think this is actually not +10% but rather +10 agility.

    • Cunning Blows – Rank 3 - +15% expertise, same as above.

    • Battle Rage – Rank 2 – gives you 7% chance to restore all energy after receiving a critical strike. Kinda bugged, according to what I read on the scout forums from other scouts, this is miss labeled. It is not when you receive a critical strike, but rather when you DO a critical strike. I have even noticed this myself, getting chain criticed and getting no energy, but doing a critical strike and getting all my energy back! Etiher way, you need every chance to get energy back so grab it. In one hit you can have all your energy back, 7% chance, rather low, but it helps.

    Steady Shot (9 rubies)
    • Eagle Vision – Rank 2 – 10% increase range with range attacks. Lets you attack further away.

    • Timely Strikes – Rank 3 - +15% Luck, which is like +15 luck. Increases your chance to critical, get it need it! Don’t’ leave home without it!

    • Piercing Arrows – Rank 1 – Not a range build, but need it to get where I am doing, plus it grants a +33% chance to do a critical strike with range.

    • Improved Fletching – Rank 1 – Had 1 ruby left over, so many choice on placing that last ruby, went with this because it takes so long to enchant your arrows that most of the time your party will run off without you while you are enchanting your arrows only to find that they are already in combat. So the 15% reduced time on enchanting helps. Love to get this higher, but don’t’ have that many rubies.

    • Rapid Fire – GREAT IT! You will find that you use this ability the most. Any time you are ranging and you knock down your target, hit this! Same as slaughterhouse ability but it’s ranged instead of melee.

    Camouflage (9 rubies)
    • Hunter – Rank 2 - +10% Finesse (+10 finesse) helpful.

    • Hasty Disguise – probably one of the main reasons I put points into Camouflage. This ability is just AWESOME! It’s the get out of jail card, the Oh shit! Button when stuff hits the fan. It instantly puts your into camouflage. So if the fight goes south, hit it! You got 8 seconds to get to a safe place to restore your health and try again. In PvP, it’s usefully, in PvE/Soloing it’s better! Side effect, it has a 10 mintue cooldown till you can use it again.

    • Quickened Reflexes – The next reason you put points here, Rank 3, gives you +33% chance to dodge, need as much defense as we can!

    • Sprint – Kinda duh! Gives you increased run speed for 6 seconds, with a 2 seconds, -25% movement speed. Till mounts come out, this is the only way to fly!

    • Sneaky Attack – Have to say, not too sure on this ablity, but need it to get to something more useful. Basically, can only be used while camoflagued, stuns the target for 5 seconds and has a 20% chance to inflict damage. Honestly, outside of finding someone afk and use this to gank, or go into stealth before a fight with a group. Don’t’ see me using this that much. But like I said, need it to get something more useful, so get it. Don’t’ have it so maybe I am wrong about this skill.

    Overall my playstyle, is range the target and try and get to 50%, then melee him down. In a group, I play the support role, doing dps, but helping out with my stuns/knockdowns. Overall not a bad build. Archer build has a much higher survival rate, so just know that playing this build you will be dieing a lot. We have barely no defensive skills like the other classes, able to absorb damage, or self-heal. We have to relie on tactics and tricks to grant use time to bandage.

    • Food: Always carry food, I found to help out on cash, don’t’ carry food that will heal more than your health. If you have 20k health, find food that restores 15-20k health. Majority of the time you won’t be neardeath, so getting food that heals more than what you have is a waste of money. Learn to find ways to save money. Always get Rep Food, the price seems to be much cheaper than food from the food vendor.
    • Bandages: Always have them, learn to do quest that give these a lot, learn to do it. I try to carry 20, but if I have room I carry as much as I can. I tend to do the quest that give these when I am out of fatigue for something to do while I wait to get more Fatigue.
    • Learn to Quest with Fatigue. When you have fatigue start doing quest. If you run out of quest, then start to grind out the last of the fatigue.
    • Grinding – Try and grind on targets same level or 1 above you. Example: level 20, grind on the same monsters that are 20 or 21. Grind on same monsters types; ie grind on elementals over and over and not on elementals and lions. Pick one type and grind. If you have to heal after each fight or every 2 fights, then its not worth it. Find monsters that are 19 and 20 instead. Less exp by just a hair, plus you help save on money for food.

    Still working this part out so can't offer much help as of right now. Try to keep your stats in the good and not with red arrows down.

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    Re: The Ranger

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    Re: The Ranger

    Post by Zulthanas on Fri May 14, 2010 8:14 pm

    english please Razz

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    Re: The Ranger

    Post by sleepycakes on Tue May 18, 2010 10:05 pm

    Wow i dont fully understand it but this guild looks really pro. Thankies Zul Smile

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    Re: The Ranger

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