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    Melee healer


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    Melee healer

    Post by flaps on Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:51 pm

    i have played Melee healer up to lvl 40 before restating to a healer healer to do heroics. in my opinion Melee is alot more fun and does far more damage (thou many may disagree). the following link is to the build i was using up till 40 your main problem is going to be having enough mana to fight those drawn out battles with those imp scum.

    Because im to lazy to explain each skill and talent, Taugrim's guild explains each talent clearly and has a very similar build to myn

    The differences are:

    On the Fanaticism grid instead of increasing dodge and block rate. i choose to increase endurance wen receiving a critical strike more endurance = less chance of receiving a crit + more armor penetration meaning higher damage.

    On the Cleansing Flame grid I choose to permanently increase the effects of Cleansing Flame and perpetual healing instead of the skill that increases critical chance by 200% which is a lot however with a five minute cool down it doesn't appeal to me.

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