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    Summoner post patch 1.1.02


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    Summoner post patch 1.1.02

    Post by Linger on Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:09 pm

    Hi there,

    Official patch notes regarding summy changes post patch.

    • Reset all rubies in the Acid Bolt talent grid

    • Changed the locations of Blood Tap, Darkweaver, and Burning Acid in the Acid Bolt talent grid

    • Fixed a bug where Burning Acid did not properly affect a Fiend’s spells

    • Advanced Genetics no longer increases the duration of the Debilitating Plague effect

    • Concentrated Acid no longer increases the critical strike damage of Corrosive Acid

    • Debilitating Plague now temporarily stuns the target, making them unable to move or use abilities, and makes them immune to all damage

    • Evil Genius now increases a player’s Intelligence by 3/6/9%

    • Calculating Mind now increases a player’s Perception and Faith by 3/6/9%

    • Panic Monger now increases the range of Fear by 20/40/60% in addition to its previous effects

    • Blood Aegis now applies 6/8/10 stacks of the effect and increases a player’s armor by 8% for each stack

    • Corrosive Acid now increases the Acid damage taken by the target

    • Decreased the duration of the effect inflicted by a Lurker’s Deafening Howl and increased the range

    • Lurkers are now immune to the damage dealt by most area of effect attacks

    • A Hellion’s Crush no longer affects targets that are immune to control effects

    • The disarm effect inflicted by a Hellion’s Crush can now be dispelled

    • Improved the way with which monsters react to summoners’ minions

    • Fixed a bug where experience was occasionally not gained by a player when a monster was killed by a summoner’s minion

    New summoner grid(in russian)

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