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    Emese's Healer Build/Guide


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    Emese's Healer Build/Guide

    Post by Emese on Sat May 08, 2010 9:07 am

    Okay to start off, here is the link to what I plan for my build:
    I am focusing on being a pure healer. Also, I normally travel with a party so it might not be the best build to solo with. I’m looking for the benefit of my group.

    Talent Tree
    Talent Grid

    I'm a lvl 32 healer at the moment, so I'm still learning ins & outs of things, so some info may be off. I do have 2 talent points left over which I'm still trying to figure out what to use them for.

    Let's start with the Talent Tree:

    Holy Blast - Most people don't upgrade this spell, the reason I did was because of a talent I get in my grid, which is the fact that it has a 60% chance to return health is used. Also another useful fact for this is that while your using heals, you'll enter a state of Fanaticism, once you reach 5 stacks (4 if you are a lower level) you can cast that spell instantly.

    Verdict - More useful for if you're up close & attacking. As a healer I like to keep my distance or mid range because it allows me better access to everyone, so I prefer spells that can be cast at a distance. If you fight up close, you might want to upgrade this skill.

    Clensing Flame - I found very useful to use, since it is instant cast with greater damage done on initial hit. You can normally spam the spell as well XD So I did end up increasing that since I use it a lot because of the DoT. Not necessarily useful for a healer build so you can invest points elsewhere.

    Spiritual Focus – I didn’t take this because I don’t get interrupted too badly so I didn’t see a need to. However it has it’s uses in a bad situation so you may want to consider investing points into. Probably more useful for PvP cases, where you're fighting someone else and they interupt you. However since I'm going for healer others, most of the time the enemy is on someone else so I don't need to worry about being interrupted.

    Devoted Plea – This is going to be your main healings spell for quite awhile, at least it was for me, so rank 3 is something I consider important. Since on your tree your next healing is a HoT that has no greater instant effect when cast, which I believe you get at lvl 17. Although there is ways to reach other healing talents in your grid, I still recommend this for a healer build. Not to mention, the benefit of this spell is the fanticism points you gain from casting it, which means you could get your Holy Rejuvenation casted faster.

    Blind Faith – I’ve heard it’s useful in PvP & getting out of tough situations. Slow speed & blind is often a big hindrance to others & creatures. This spell I find more useful for for up close & fighting. Although you can use it to slow somethings charge at you. Although not essential for a healer build.

    Heavenly Strike – I wanted to invest in another attack spell so I chose this one, nice area of effect & small knockdown ratio make it useful. However it is slow to cast so I normally only use it as a starter move but you have to be wary of other creatures around. You can also instantly cast this spell with 9 stacks of fanticism.

    Holy Shield – Very useful since nothing can hit you for any damage during this time. I would advise only rank 1 or 3, not 2. The difference between 1 & 2 is only 3 seconds although can make a difference is also not large enough of a jump for me to invest the points into. Rank 1 is useful in brief getaways or in PvE for it allows a short time period where the creature will ignore you & go after someone else, even if you have aggro. It also has the use of removing any status effect on you, I found particullary useful against DoTs. Rank 3 is a good improvement since it is 12 seconds which you can do some significant damage or healing while being completely safe.

    Calming Prayer – A must to get to rank 1 since it restores all your mana, maybe not very useful in lower levels because you regain mana fast, however if you need to spam heal or revive, you’re going to need this to get your mana back. Not to mention if your out of battle your able to heal all your party members to full health instead of casting individual heals on all of them.

    Perpetual Healing – I find very useful, with rank 3, I find I barely have to used Devoted Plea or any other healing spells (different for bosses of course). HoT makes a big difference in battle, in some situations I find I can keep people alive with HoT but without it I would not be able to heal them fast enough. I would recommend rank 3.

    Resurrection – Another one I recommend only rank 1 or 3, not 2. The reason rank 2 isn’t as handy is because you are normally out of battle when they are revived so I normally use Calming Prayer right after for both mana & healing purposes, so the extra health doesn’t really make a difference. What makes rank 3 special is that it gives the person back mana, which can be a huge thing, although I find not very useful since all classes have something to replenish their mana (as long as they invest points into it) so there is not much need.

    Holy Rage – Not sure about this spell. I think it's useful for a melee healer but I haven't tested it out yet.

    Divine Prayer – Very useful spell for one of those quick heals to get their health up if they are close to dying. Most useful I find when someone is at low health because you don't want to take time up to cast a healing spell & Prepetual Healing won't heal enough.

    Purification – I really like this spell because it offten removes most DoTs. Although more useful for PvP since you can remove things like debilitating pleauge. There are two other classes that can also gain a skill similar to this. Although, this skill is not all that important to a healer class.

    Holy Rejuvenation – I only have an rank 1 currently, more useful when you get it to higher ranks. Although it heals massivly, the problem is it's cast time and I would like to say that time is the most important thing in keeping someone alive. Although many say you switch to this spell at a higher level at your main, I would only use this spell once I have 4 stacks of fanticism from casting Devoted Plea. This is because with a skill True Faith, in your grid, you can reduce the cast time & with those stacks reducing it, it takes about as much time as your Devoted Plea. Also a plus to this skill, you can charge it up to hold it in your hand.

    Binding Light – I focused more on PvE so what turned me off of this was the fact it only effects humanoids. Useful for PvP, since you can hold them for a long time & allow your team mates to focus on others or beat that one down to get them out of the way. It can also be useful for running away.

    Onto Talent Grid: I’m only going into the one’s I’ve selected because going through the whole grid would be insane and a waste of our time.


    More useful for melee builds, ignore it.

    Holy Blast:::

    Entreaty – I have to say, I love this spell. Since I tend to reserve my heals for my teammates, I can cast this on myself to heal me. It also reduces my threat so I cast it on myself to make enemies leave me alone when my healing has drawn too much aggro. Another useful trait, for me at least, is that if you get jumped by a creature, cast tis spell & they'll reset like they never saw you.

    Circle Of Healing – It heals all party members so a very handy skill despite the fact in only last a few seconds. Very useful in crowds but you got to position yourself right.

    Cleansing Flame:::

    Divine Forsight – Has it’s uses for when healing gets hectic or to put on everyone before you enter a battle just in case you can’t focus on them during the fight.

    The more minor parts of the grid & why I chose them:

    Holy Blast:::

    Unshakeable Faith – Faith is important, so increases are best

    Angelic Grace – Mana reduction is always good but I find most of the time that the mana I’m losing, I gain very quickly back.

    Deep Concentration – Very useful, has a chance to extend your shield, which means more freedom

    Power of the Pure – Increase the effectivness of your healing spells, although not a large increase, the small advances can make a difference

    Light’s Generosity – Has a chance of healing you if you use an attack, useful since you can get the spell off in an instant with enough fanaticism

    Cleansing Flame:::

    Surge of Faith – Useful since HoT can become a great asset, with this at max, I barely have to heal with it

    Enlightenment – Intellegence is one of the most important things for a healer since it increase the amount you heal, so the extra boost comes in handy

    Sacred Blessing – Grants a chance for a HoT, can be very useful, especially if you’re spam healing since you have a higher chance to get it then

    Illuminated Mind – Increases your wisdom, very useful since the more mana you have, the more spells you can get off to help

    Divine Infusion – More of a luck thing here but getting a high critical can really save someone’s life

    Holy Advantage – Lesser mana costs means you won’t run out & potentially not be able to defend or heal

    True Faith – Very useful in later parts of the game since you’ll probably be using these two a lot

    Unshakable Faith - Faith is important, so increases are best

    I could give a step by step guide for where to go with your talent tree/grid, just leave a message & I’ll work on it.

    UPDATED 06/29/10 ~ Wanted to give a better version since I'm a higher level :D

    Thanks for reading & I hope this helps you get an idea for what you want to do ~ Emese :D


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    Re: Emese's Healer Build/Guide

    Post by sleepycakes on Tue May 18, 2010 10:06 pm

    Emecakes <3

    Yesh its very helpful sweetie merci Very Happy


    Re: Emese's Healer Build/Guide

    Post by Guest on Tue Jun 29, 2010 8:29 am

    thanks Emese xD
    the healer is my favorite class, with the summoner being my second. i spent hours looking up good healer builds, but i might just use yours after all xD
    i look forward to getting some pro advice from a pro cleric ^_^

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    Re: Emese's Healer Build/Guide

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